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In 2007, Victorious Living Christian Life Center, church was founded by Pastor Barbara JP Thomas. After seeking God through prayer, conversing other pastors and consulting with the board of directors at the church, a vision was developed by the church leaders to begin a school to equip servant leaders for ministry. This was done through the church Christian Education department. The Bible Institute was established as a ministry under the church.

The first student to complete the Bible Institute certificate program at Victorious Living Christian Life Center, graduated with the Rochester Institute of Christian Education (RICE) students in 2015. The Bible Institute has faithfully provided sound biblical training and education. It has grown from its initial class of five people, to a program that has benefitted many students.

In the spring of 2018, Pastor Thomas met with Larry Hovey and Pastor Marvin Robinson. From their meetings they felt the Lord was leading The Bible Institute to become more than just a church ministry. They began talking with other learning institutions and realized that the opportunity could be much greater and would accord students with an opportunity to take courses for credit.

Pastor Barbara was also, the executive director of Rochester Institute of Christian Education (RICE) under the ministry of Rochester Family Mission. All three were housed at the same location. RICE was struggling with enrollment and financially. Victorious Living was struggling to find qualified instructors who would teach for free. Therefore, RICE instructors began teaching in both The Bible Institute and RICE.

After praying for guidance on continuing the ministry of RICE, it was disbanded, and Rochester Bible Institute (RocBible) began in 2018. It is now faithfully providing sound biblical training and education. Pastor Barbara JP Thomas, RocBible’s president and founder, formed a relationship from an extension of RICE with Roberts Wesleyan College to accept up to 30 credits as transferable to the college.

Rochester Bible Institute (RocBible) was formed to equip servant leaders for ministry. Students who complete the required course work will receive a Certificate of Ministry (30 credit program) or a Certificate of Ministry with a Pastoral Concentration Certificate (60 credits program).
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